Now, more than ever before, it is critical your employees achieve their full potential


To stay competitive and relevant, your leaders, employees, and teams need to be engaged, flexible, entrepreneurial, collaborative, innovative, productive, and effective at spotting and responding to opportunities and challenges

Investing in unlocking your people's latent talent will make all the difference 

You can think of us as people whisperers with purpose

Investing in our services (coaching, facilitation, workshops, bespoke talent development materials, and advisory) will enable you to:

+ Increase the engagement and effectiveness of your current and future leaders, sustainability managers, social intrapreneurs, other forward-thinking employees, and B2B clients

+ Generate and deliver new solutions by unlocking individual and team creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurial/ intrapreneurial thinking

+ Guarantee the successful transition of new hires, promoted employees, relocations, and redundancies

+ Uncover and resolve challenges surrounding your culture and team dynamics

+ Enjoy impactful team days and lead productive leadership meetings

We’ve had the privilege of unlocking latent talent employed by these places, and we’d love to do the same for you

+ Loyalty One

+ Keep Cup

+ School for Social Entrepreneurs

+ Grey

+ Wieden & Kennedy

+ Leo Burnett

+ Johnson & Johnson

+ University of Oxford

+ Virgin Unite

+ The League of Intrapreneurs

+ Destria partners


Our Services

We accelerate your people's professional development

Services we offer:

+ Coaching (different services available)

+ Bespoke toolkits and training materials

+ Workshops

+ Insight gathering and strategy development

+ Keynote speaking on social intrapreneurship, corporate social innovation, purpose

+ Facilitation (Leadership meetings, away days, etc)

Your needs:

+ Leadership development (for employees and your clients)

+ Transitions (promotions, new hires, relocations)

+ Innovation and idea generation / Intrapreneurship support and development

+ Culture change/change management support

+ Retention strategies for purpose-driven, innovative employees

+ Up-skilling employees

+ Successful team days or important leadership meetings

Our main service, coaching, creates immediate value for you

We enable your people, from executives to graduates, to deepen their level of self-awareness, learn how to work with their personality and not against it, and strengthen their self-esteem which empowers them to break free of old patterns and behaviours, and puts them firmly in the driver’s seat towards achieving their personal, professional, and organisational objectives

We can offer you bespoke solutions, as well as already designed packages including Leadership Coaching, Transition Coaching, and a service we call Q-Coach for small to medium sized organizations and teams. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and then make a thoughtful investment recommendation

Company benefits:

+ Reach objectives faster because employees become more engaged, committed, motivated and productive 

+ Develop a stronger business, relationships, team, culture etc 

+ Reduce turnover rates and time recruiting 

+ Redirect budgets into people development, instead of payouts and duplicating recruitment efforts

+ Progress and integrate leaders and new employees faster

+ Enhance leadership skills, develop managers

+ Unlock new ideas and solutions

Employee benefits:

+ Significantly enhance their emotional intelligence making them more effective leaders, collaborators and team players 

+ Accelerate their progress in achieving their development objectives

+ Gain clarity, perspective, and the ability to reframe thinking leading them to greater effectiveness and efficiency

+ Boost confidence, self-belief and become more proactive

+ Reduce stress, have fewer burnouts and sick days

+ Confidently lead, delegate, give and receive feedback

You'll work closely with Heidi Kikoler

After 6 years working in corporate social innovation and with corporate responsibility leaders and social intrapreneurs, including Virgin, Sir Richard Branson, Shell, BP, The League of Intrapreneurs, Burton Snowboards Chill Foundation, and others, Heidi grew tired of seeing so many brilliant, passionate individuals and teams, including herself at times, fail to achieve the results they were more than capable of achieving. She completed professional coach training, and is now dedicated to catalysing people to create transformational internal change and external results.

Heidi is highly skilled, deeply committed, continuously investing in developing her own knowledge and skills, and dedicated to using a proven professional coaching process, techniques, and tools including the powerful Enneagram personality system, as well as ones she has designed based on her own personal experience and her extensive work with corporate social intrapreneurs

Recent Coaching Assignments

+ Managing Director at a purpose-led product company (Leadership development)

+ Brand Manager at global FMCG (Leadership development)

+ Director and new manager at a sustainability consultancy (Leadership development)

+ Business Development Director (Transition coaching)

+ Communications planners, producers, and creatives (Reinforcing an experiential leadership development program)

+ Innovation Consultant, Designer and new mother (Transition coaching - maternity leave)

+ Sr HR professional turned social enterprise consultant (Career transition)

Covered by + Personal Indemnity Insurance

Member of  + International Coach Federation

Education & Training

+ Coaching Development - Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills (2013)

+ The Enneagram Institute - Part I: The Anatomy of Personality (2014)

+ University of Oxford - MSc Environmental Change & Management (2009)

+ Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada - Bachelors of Business Administration (2000 - 2004)

+ National University of Singapore - Undergrad Business Student (2003)

Continuous development

+ Works regularly with a supervisor, and a mentor coach to ensure top quality coaching

+ Works regularly with coaches for her own personal development

Prior professional experience

+ In-house corporate social innovation consultant to the UK Virgin businesses, and answered corporate social responsibility briefs directly for Sir Richard Branson

+ Social intrapreneur inside Virgin

+ Involved in the development and promotion of the League of Intrapreneurs

+ Has been an employee at: Advertising agency (ACLC part of MDC Partners), corporate foundation (Virgin Unite & Burton Snowboard's Chill), charitable/development foundation (WWF funded PAN Parks), boutique social innovation consultancy (Imaginals)

+ Bounced back after first business failed in her early 20s (Mudskipper Girl)

+ Found herself jobless twice after two different companies she was employed by went through restructuring

+ Worked and studied on three different continents (North America, Europe, Asia)

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